Reverend Angie Arendt is Director, Mentor, and Educator at Big Stone House.

Angie has 20+ years of experience working with thousands of people all over the world as a teacher, storyteller, ritual maker, mentor, community builder, spiritual director and practitioner. At Big Stone House, Angie combines her expertise with old traditions and new teachings to engage all kinds of people in the art of sacred living and leading: an art that makes space for things like connection, compassion, curiosity, and care to grow and thrive in every arena of life.

Angie is co-creator of Another Way: a unique series of programs, workshops, certified trainings and retreats that combine the teachings of the Enneagram with generative and spiritual teachings and practices. Another Way makes the work of holy, human growth accessible, practical, and transformational for individuals, families, places of work, and communities. She is also the creator of The Real Stuff Project: a program for increasing emotional intelligence and strengthening connections through simple-yet-specific practices shared around the table.

Along with her work at Big Stone House, Angie is Partner and Senior Consultant with Deep Life, a company that supports executives and teams in strengthening the human system in the workplace. She is visiting faculty for the Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program and U of Next, is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ (USA), and taught with the Enneagram Institute (New York) for a number of years.

Peter McGaugh is Partner, Mentor and Educator at Big Stone House.

Peter’s background as an Integral Developmental Coach, his extensive research and expertise with the Enneagram, and his experience working with and exploring generative leadership methodology and practices all inform his work as mentor, educator and consultant with leaders and teams around the world...and with the people he teaches at Big Stone House as well.

Besides his work at Big Stone House, Peter directs the Coaching and Consulting for Courageous Leadership programs at Deep Life, is visiting faculty for the Masters of Arts of Organizational Leadership (MAOL) program and is the creator of Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a certification program designed especially for coaches, therapists, spiritual directors, HR professionals, and others committed to the work of bringing out the best in the people around them. Peter taught with the Enneagram Institute for a number of years and has recently launched Another Way: a unique series of program, workshops, certified trainings, and retreats he developed with Angie Arendt.