Why the Enneagram?


MARCH 25, 2019

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose…” —Dolly Parton

The Enneagram is an ancient and new personality system that shows nine basic types of people and how we all relate to each other and the world around us.

It is a powerful tool for understanding why we do the things we do and think the things we think…but more than that, the Enneagram is a road map and practice for becoming aware of who we really are and living into what we are here to do.

In short, the Enneagram is not only a powerful resource for self- and other-awareness, it is a teaching and practice to enrich, strengthen, and transform relationships in every arena of life—personally, professionally, and spiritually. That’s why it is a component of our work at Big Stone House: it is a practical, accessible way to engage in the art of sacred living and leading every day, everywhere.

At Big Stone House, we teach the Enneagram “Another Way”: a methodology that combines the ancient/new teachings of the Enneagram with ancient/new contemplative disciplines, generative practices, and neuroscience to create an experience that goes beyond information to transformation. Our approach is perfect for individuals, couples and families, corporate teams and non-profit organizations, and religious/spiritual communities and leaders…anyone with a desire for healthier relationships wherever they are.