Coming soon to Big Stone House.


Summer 2019:

Sitting on Sundays at Big Stone House: a Meditation and Mindfulness Practice. 10:00 a.m. Sundays June 23, June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21 and July 28.

Fall 2019:

An Introduction to the Enneagram (a one-day event). The Enneagram is an awareness tool that shines a light on our hard-wired gift and habits. The new/old teaching of the Enneagram are invaluable in emotional and spiritual growth, which is why it is a foundational part of the teachings and practices at Big Stone House.

Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a certification program. Designed especially for people-who-work-to-grow-people (coaches, HR professionals, spiritual directors and therapists), this rigorous training is approved for 44 CCEUs from the ICF and is offered in partnership with Deep Life.

Connection: Relationships and the Enneagram (a two-day event). Combining the new/old teachings of the Enneagram with new/old generative mindfulness practice for improved communication, collaboration, and connection in relationships of all kinds. Note: this event is an expansion and deepening of the one-day Connection workshop offered in May 2019.

An Introduction to Big Stone Writing (a one-day event). Big Stone Writing is a methodology used in many of our offerings as a mindfulness practice. You need not be a writer to engage in this practice—just a desire to push ‘pause’, pay attention, and grow your relationship with yourself and others. This one-day event is an introduction to the practice…and is part of a series of teachings on a variety of mindfulness practices.

Real Stuff (a once-in-awhile-practice). Every now and then this fall, we’ll gather a small group of folks around the big dining room table for a specific-yet-simple practice that will have us talking about things that matter: life, death, joy, grief…all for the sake of building our muscles of connection, vulnerability, and trust.

(un)Stuck: More than a Retreat (a three and a half day event for current and former students, clients, community members). We’re going to push pause, pick up the conversation, accelerate the practice, and charge up your batteries to live in and on purpose. Teachings, practices, art, silence, nature, classroom, great food, good soul time.

(be)Longing: Sacred Practice in Small Group. (two-days in person every six to eight weeks for eight months). This intensive program is not for certification nor does it provide continuing education. What it does, though, is provide a place where you belong. We’ll study old teachings and new truths here, engage in practices that expand your mind and grow your heart, connect with each other in mindful community, and grow…grow…grow…as we practice the art of sacred living. It’s the best possible mash-up of Enneagram, spirituality, and community.

…and more. One-on-one mentoring and direction. Singing in the Living Room. Mindfulness Practices.

Contact us for more information or with any questions.