Sitting on Sundays at Big Stone House: a Meditation and Mindfulness Practice.


Sitting on Sundays at Big Stone House: a Meditation and Mindfulness Practice.


10:00 a.m. Sundays June 23 - July 28, 2019

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For beginners and practitioners alike, Sitting on Sunday Mornings at Big Stone House is a practice of…well…sitting. And more.

It is good to have people in our lives who keep their cool when life throws a curveball, who have their feet on the ground no matter what, who generously listen and engage wholeheartedly with the people around them. Those are the folks who can feel it when their fight, flight, or freeze button is pushed…and not go there.

You know what’s even better than having those people in your life? Being one of those people.

Meditation, mindfulness and contemplative practices help us become those kinds of people.

Join Angie Arendt and Peter McGaugh in this six-week offering of traditional meditation (a bit of teaching and a bit of very lightly guided breathing meditation), walking meditation, and other mindfulness practices: ways that will help you to push pause, clear some space in your brain and your soul, and connect with Life a little more.

Some information:

  • You do not need to attend every session in order to participate. Come to one session, two, or more…this is a week-by-week offering open to anyone ages 12+ interested in learning and practicing meditation and mindfulness.

  • Pre-registration is not required but is appreciated. Simply click on the “purchase” button above and enter your information to sign up.

  • There is no charge for these sessions; however, donations are appreciated.

  • Chairs are available but cushions are not—if you would like a cushion, please bring one along.

For questions, contact Angie Arendt (