Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a training program (ICF certified)

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Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a training program (ICF certified)

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September 20-22 and November 22-24, 2019

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Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a ICF-approved certification program for professionals committed to bringing out the best in themselves and others. (44 CCEUs)

Time and dates:

First Session: September 20-22, 2019

Second Session: November 22-24, 2019


Big Stone House in Almonte, Ontario


The Enneagram is a new/old system for understanding why human beings do, say, and believe the things they do. This system is at once simple and complex, able to offer a glimpse into our inner workings and wiring while providing a roadmap for a journey of emotional and spiritual growth.

Using the Enneagram in the Workplace combines the teachings of the Enneagram with generative practices in order to move beyond typing and categorizing clients and colleagues into the good work of supporting, coaching, and leading based on hardwired ways of seeing and experiencing the world.


Twenty-six (26) hours of in-person instruction, practices and explorations spread over two weekends.

An additional eighteen (18) hours of learning and practice between the in-person sessions.

Participants will walk away from this rigorous training with:

  • an appreciation for the unique gifts and struggles of each of the Nine Enneagram Types

  • an ability to ask direct questions and generously listen in ways that will best support their clients and colleagues in accurately discovering and owning their Dominant Enneagram Type

  • the skills to effectively interpret the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator with and for others, gaining insight into predictable areas for success and likely breakdown

  • hands-on experience in supporting individuals and teams in identifying and moving beyond stuck places

  • familiarity with a variety of assessment and developmental tools associated with the Enneagram, including (but not limited to): the Deep Life Growth Model, the Levels of Development, Triads, Hornevians, and Harmonics

  • a wealth of resources (readings, handouts, etc.) for support and application long after the training is over

  • a renewed commitment to the good and needed work of “human building”

  • 44 hours of CCEUs with the ICF


Peter McGaugh and Angie Arendt. Read more about their background on this website.