Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a training program (ICF certified)

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Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a training program (ICF certified)

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September 20-22 and November 22-24, 2019

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Using the Enneagram in the Workplace: a ICF-approved certification program for professionals committed to bringing out the best in themselves and others. (44 CCEUs)

Time and dates:

First Session: September 20-22, 2019

Second Session: November 22-24, 2019


Big Stone House in Almonte, Ontario


The Enneagram is a new/old system for understanding why human beings do, say, and believe the things they do. This system is at once simple and complex, able to offer a glimpse into our inner workings and wiring while providing a roadmap for a journey of emotional and spiritual growth…which is the focus of this course: growth and development for awake and aware leadership.

Using the Enneagram in the Workplace is a 44 hour ICF certified training designed especially for leadership development practitioners: coaches, HR professionals, trainers/facilitators, leaders, spiritual directors, therapists and others who are committed to accelerating the leadership capabilities of those around them. In this intensive program, participants will: 

  • deepen their level of self-awareness around automatic patterns and behaviors

  • understand underlying drives and motivations (why we do the things we do)

  • own their unique relationship with being a leader (strengths and areas for development), specifically in the areas of leading/coaching others, communication, giving/receiving feedback, teamwork, change management and conflict

  • engage in specific practices that allow authentic leadership to grow and develop

Along with the foundational teachings of the Enneagram, this training introduces participants to:  

  • Generative Leadership practices and conversations: teachings that plant seed for on-going, embodied, and generative growth for months and years to come

  • the Deep Life Growth Model: a three-fold framework that uncovers with precision where a leader is “stuck” in their development and provides a specific and unique focus/approach to get “unstuck”

  • experiential in-class practices to integrate and embody all of these teachings: practices that make the work real and practical.

The benefits of attending this program are vast and varied. With 26 hours of classroom instruction plus and additional 18 hours of homework and connection between sessions, participants will: 

  • be able to work with and understand the Enneagram as a framework for awareness, development and growth…and not merely as a personality type indicator

  • learn to work with the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI)

  • engage in teachings, conversations, practices and experiences that develop the leader within in order to more effectively develop and support the leader in others

  • be provided with a wealth of resources to support and apply with clients and colleagues long after the training has ended

  • renew their commitment to the good and much needed work of “human building” in the workplace


Peter McGaugh and Angie Arendt. Read more about their background on this website.