Teaching and practicing the art of sacred living and leading.


…pull up a chair and find yourself at home.

It might have been a weekend workshop, a week-long retreat, a small group conversation or a large group training that brought you to Big Stone House. Perhaps it was a house concert, book group or a mindfulness session that led you here. Maybe it was a one-on-one mentoring/coaching conversation or the year-long small group intensive or something else altogether that drew you to this place.

One thing is certain: no matter what brought you through the door for the first time or the fiftieth time, you will leave Big Stone House with an excitement for and commitment to sacred living and leading…and the skills, practices, and support to do so every day.


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our story

The ‘house’ of Big Stone House began in the early 1800s as a one-room log cabin overlooking the Canadian Mississippi River in what later would become Almonte, Ontario. Over the course of two centuries, hundreds of people have grown this house up and out: one room turned into many, wood became stone, and the house transformed into a home though the sharing of love and loss, grief and grace, heart ache and joy…the sacred stuff of life.

The ‘House’ of Big Stone House began in early 2012 with an Enneagram workshop led by Peter McGaugh and Angie Arendt in a little room overlooking the Rideau River in Ottawa, Ontario. As that event drew to a close, a handful of people courageously posed the question, “Now what…?” and the seeds for Big Stone House were planted. In the years since that time, all kinds of people have helped the ‘House’ grow up and out: a few people turned into a few hundred people and one workshop turned into dozens of teachings and practices (The Wholehearted Experience, all kinds of Enneagram workshops, Real Stuff, The Practice, The Retreat, This, Finding Your Purpose, Red Truck Writing, Using the Enneagram in the Workplace, Another Way…), imprinting (some would even say transforming) all kinds of people from all kinds of places through the sharing of a-ha’s and oh-no’s, highs and lows, stories and silence…the sacred stuff of life.

In late 2018, Angie and Peter bought the ‘house’ so that the ‘House’ could take root…and that’s when Big Stone House was born: a place where practice and teaching join together with the sacred stuff of life in order to make the world a little more human, a little more holy…a little more ‘home.’ One person, one workplace, one community at a time.

Who We Are

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Reverend Angie Arendt is Director, Mentor and Educator at Big Stone House. Angie combines decades of personal and professional experiences and expertise in spiritual leadership and community development to connect people with the sacred ordinary of life in simple, practical, applicable ways…all to create healthier families, work environments and communities.

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Peter McGaugh is a Partner and Educator at Big Stone House. His extensive training as an Enneagram Instructor and Integral Development Mentor combined with his inherent gift to meet people where they are and provide them the support and tools needed to grow as a leader in every area of life make him a much sought after teacher, consultant, mentor, and speaker.

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